How to use

Driving the Van

Starting the engine. Note: Diesel engines have a different starting procedure

  1. Make sure Neutral is selected
  2. Turn key to On. The 3 orange lights will turn on.
  3. Fully press accelerator
  4. Wait till “GLOW” light turns off
  5. Turn key to start
  6. If cold start, adjust the choke dial to warm up the engine. Turning it increases the Revs

Turning off the engine

  1. Press the small black button near the key hole
  2. Turn the key until you reach the lock position.
  3. Note: You must turn to Lock position otherwise the accessories will run the starter battery flat

Things to remember when driving

  • Adjust the side mirrors before you drive. It must be done manually.
  • Only fill with Diesel fuel
  • Keep the Diesel filled above ½ way. This makes it easier to start and prevents sediments from blocking the filter
  • Keep below 3000 RPM or 100km/h

Setting up for Camp

Turning on Fridge

  • Turn on the black switch above the pantry cabinet
  • Turn off the fridge at night so the battery doesn’t get drained. Everything inside will stay cool.

Filling up water tank

  • Open the black water tank cap with the black key. Cap is located on driver side
  • Take the garden hose which is located behind the driver side passenger seat
  • Fill with tap water until overflowing
  • Refill frequently to avoid running out of water. I would refill daily or at every opportunity (i.e. parks, service stations) especially if I’ve washed a 3-5 loads of dishes, or showered.

Raising the pop top

  • Locate and unhook the 4 silver hook latches
  • Grab the 2 handles and push the pop top up

Lowering the pop top

  • Pull pop top down using 2 handles. Ensure the pop top is square otherwise latches won’t close
  • Hook latches back on. Make sure canvas is clear of the hook otherwise it will puncture a hole through the canvas. This is expensive to repair and will void the bond.

Charging phones and appliances

  • Locate 12v socket beneath the driver side passenger seat. This is connected to a separate house battery along with the lights and fridge. You will not drain the starter battery
  • (Optional) Plug the Socket Adapter that’s in the front of the van. It has several USB plugs and other sockets for your convenience.

Plugging into shore power

  • Take power cable from behind the driver side passenger seat
  • Plug cable into power socket located towards the rear of the van on the top right hand side under the flap

Setting up the rear tent

  • Take out the rear tent from under the long bench (It’s the brown canvas
  • With the rear door down, position the rear tent so that it’s centred on the van
  • Press the buttons that line up to the top rear corners of the van
  • Raise the rear door. It should lift up the rear tent
  • (Optional) Prod up the rear tent with the tent pole. It’s located in the long brown bag. There is a bag of tent ropes and pins to secure the top of the tent pole to the ground with tension.

Making the bed

  1. Part 1: Lowering the seats.
    1. Remove the table. (Optional) Setup the table outside with the legs. These are behind the driver side passenger chair
    2. Lower the 2 passenger seats by finding the latch beneath the seat
    3. Push latch to lift and unlock seat.
    4. Pull seat straight
  2. Part 2: Filling in the gap for Double Bed
    1. Lift the long bench
    2. Fold out the wooden support
    3. Place the long back rest in the gap between the 2 single beds
    4. Note: Don’t kneel on the centre of the bed as it will flip the centre section up